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Love Matters Most!

Near-death experiencers come back with the deep knowledge that Love is the most important thing we’re here to learn about in this life. Material things, status, money, physical appearance, prizes, awards and accomplishments are not important – Love is. A truly successful life is one in which we strive to always put Unconditional
Love first.

Setup / Reversal Statement – Repeat this statement 3 times while tapping the Karate Chop point or rubbing the Sore Spot:

“Even though I sometimes forget that Love matters most of all, I
deeply and completely accept myself, despite my shortcomings.”

Reminder Phrase – Tap all 8 points with this statement:

“I forget that Love matters most of all.”

Now tap each point with the corresponding statement:

Eyebrow: “Sometimes I am so selfish and small”
Side of Eye: “I do the self-centered thing instead of the Loving thing”
Under Eye: “I don’t put Love first”
Under Nose: “I forget that Love is the only worthy goal here”
Chin: “I am materialistic, petty and unforgiving at times”
Collarbone: “I am superficial in my judgments of others”
Under Arm: “I don’t always think Loving thoughts”
Head: “I am not always living with Love as my main goal”

Moving Into the Positive:

Eyebrow: “But I know how important Love is”
Side of Eye: “So I choose to remember this in my life as much as possible”
Under Eye: “More and more each day”
Under Nose: “Making Love my number one priority”
Chin: “Above all Earthly concerns”
Collarbone: “I can live a good life in terms of day-to-day human concerns”
Under Arm: “But also make doing the Loving thing foremost in my mind”
Head: “I Love how good it feels to naturally radiate so much Love in life!”

Tapping in the Positive – Tap all 8 points with this statement:

“I choose to live as much of my life as possible from a state of conscious, Unconditional Love.”

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