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Becoming Enlightened

To be “Enlightened” is to see things as they truly are, resulting in a pervasive feeling of happiness, inner peace and equanimity no matter what life brings. Regardless of where we are on our spiritual path, Enlightenment is the goal, and we can set the intention to get there as quickly, efficiently and joyfully as possible.

Setup / Reversal Statement – Repeat this statement 3 times while tapping the Karate Chop point or rubbing the Sore Spot:

“Even though I’m not Enlightened yet, and I don’t see things as they truly are, I unconditionally Love and accept myself.”

Reminder Phrase – Tap all 8 points with this statement:

“I haven’t yet reached an Enlightened state of being.”

Now tap each point with the corresponding statement:

Eyebrow: “I’m not Enlightened yet”
Side of Eye: “But I’m on my way”
Under Eye: “I slip back into old patterns sometimes”
Under Nose: “I feel confused and obstructed”
Chin: “I must be blocked in some way”
Collarbone: “Or I would be Enlightened and full of
inner peace”
Under Arm: “I’m not quite there yet”
Head: “Although I’m making progress all the time”

Moving Into the Positive:

Eyebrow: “There are elements of wisdom I haven’t yet absorbed” Side of Eye: “Pieces of the puzzle I haven’t yet put together”
Under Eye: “Knowledge to acquire and areas of study I need to pursue”
Under Nose: “I haven’t found all the information yet”
Chin: “I choose now to tune in to all the wisdom I need to be
Collarbone: “In the best possible ways, the most natural,
enjoyable ways”
Under Arm: “Moving closer and closer to Enlightenment every moment”
Head: “Reaching this incredible state as efficiently, joyfully and naturally as possible.”

Tapping in the Positive – Tap all 8 points with this statement:

“I LOVE knowing I am on the best, most efficient and enjoyable path to Enlightenment possible for me!”

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