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The Divine Rejected Me (Or So I Think)

One of the causes of deep feelings of inadequacy in some people is a misunderstanding – they think that the Source rejected them, banished them to life on Earth because they are unlovable. Indeed, being separated from the perfect Love of the Divine was traumatic for all of us. It can feel as though we were sent to earth as some sort of punishment. This is not so – we are here to grow ever stronger in our own ability to Love by experiencing contrast and seeing what it’s like to be separate from it. We are still part of the whole. The Divine sent us here that we might have a variety of experiences and grow even stronger in Love.

Setup / Reversal Statement – Repeat this statement 3 times while tapping the Karate Chop point or rubbing the Sore Spot:

“Even though I believe that the Divine rejected me and this proves I am deeply unworthy and unlovable, I completely and profoundly Love and accept myself anyway.”

Reminder Phrase – Tap all 8 points with this statement:

“The Divine rejected me.”

Now tap each point with the corresponding statement:

Eyebrow: “I am deeply undeserving of Love”
Side of Eye: “My Source rejected me so I must be defective”
Under Eye: “The Divine pushed me away from Perfect Love and Wholeness”
Under Nose: “I must be deeply inadequate and unlovable”
Chin: “There is suffering here, and so often I am all alone”
Collarbone: “There are difficult lessons here”
Under Arm: “I am devastated that the Source rejected me and sent me here”
Head: “Obviously I am not deserving of any Love”

Moving Into the Positive:

Eyebrow: “But a part of me senses this is not the case”
Side of Eye: “I am simply here to learn and grow”
Under Eye: “But maybe it doesn’t have to feel so difficult”
Under Nose: “Perhaps the Source sent me here out of Divine Love and Wisdom”
Chin: “So that I might become empowered in my own ability to
Collarbone: “Feeling unlovable and powerless is just an illusion”
Under Arm: “I am so grateful to see this now”
Head: “I am so happy to know that the Divine Loves and trusts me enough to give me this important mission!”

Tapping in the Positive – Tap all 8 points with this statement:

“I am deeply Loved by the Divine and embrace this incredible growth opportunity.”

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