Living My True Divine Life Purpose

Setup / Reversal Statement – Repeat this statement 3 times while tapping the Karate Chop point or rubbing the Sore Spot:

“Even though I don’t know what my life’s purpose is,
I unconditionally Love and accept myself.”

Reminder Phrase – Tap all 8 points with this statement:

“I don’t know my life’s true purpose.”

Now tap each point with the corresponding statement:

Eyebrow: “I’ve heard that we all have a life purpose”
Side of Eye: “But I just don’t know what mine is”
Under Eye: “My days seem meaningless ”
Under Nose: “Is my existence benefiting anybody?”
Chin: “Am I really making a difference?”
Collarbone: “I don’t know why I was put on this earth”
Under Arm: “It’s just not clear to me”
Head: “But maybe I could open up to having some clarity on this”

Moving Into the Positive:

Eyebrow: “I know that we are here to Love and to serve others” Side of Eye: “And there are powerful ways I can do that”
Under Eye: “Connected to my true passions, my true self”
Under Nose: “I am open to receiving all the details of my life purpose now”
Chin: “As my life unfolds beautifully and naturally”
Collarbone: “I’ll just know intuitively where to go, what to do” Under Arm: “I Love being so open to guidance in every area of my life”
Head: “I Love living my true Divine purpose!”

Tapping in the Positive – Tap all 8 points with this statement:

“I love how it feels to live my true Divine purpose passionately each day!”

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