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You Are Supremely Lovable

Near-death experiencers come back with the absolute knowledge that all of us are deeply Loved and Lovable - the Divine Loves us all equally. Some of us choose to go through challenges in life where we are alone or we don’t feel Loved by other people, but at any time we can tune in to the Love of the Divine, which is never absent.

Setup / Reversal Statement - Repeat this statement 3 times while tapping the Karate Chop point or rubbing the Sore Spot:

“Even though life wears me down and I feel deeply inadequate and unworthy of Love, I choose to remember that I am
unconditionally Loved by the Divine.”

Reminder Phrase – Tap all 8 points with this statement:

“I am unworthy of Love.”

Now tap each point with the corresponding statement:

Eyebrow: “I don’t deserve Love”
Side of Eye: “I am defective, I am bad”
Under Eye: “How could anyone Love me?”
Under Nose: “I am deeply, deeply inadequate”
Chin: “This deep inadequacy”
Collarbone: “I am unlovable”

Under Arm: “I am worthless. I am not worth anyone’s time”
Head: “No one will ever truly Love me”

Moving Into the Positive:

Eyebrow: “But part of me knows that the Love of the Divine is always around me”
Side of Eye: “And people who have glimpsed the other side know without question that we are all deeply Loved”
Under Eye: “All of us are deeply deserving of Love”
Under Nose: “So that includes me too - even though I forget this”
Chin: “I now choose to remember this more consciously”
Collarbone: “I tune in to the spark of the Divine within me and all around me”
Under Arm: “I choose to always know that I am always
connected to and deeply deserving of Love – I AM Love!”
Head: “We all are – and this knowledge fills me with joy and Gratitude!”

Tapping in the Positive – Tap all 8 points with this statement:

“I am deeply and completely worthy of Love.”

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